Hi Guys! Virgin blogger here...why now you ask? Well the idea behind it all is to promote and keep everyone up to date with all the fundraising plans I'm making. The 'Ultimate Goal' is to raise £429 to build a Library but any more than that would be incredible! I've always been really interested in charity work so when I came across an "Oxfam Unwrapped" leaflet I was intrigued. Coming from a family of readers the Library seemed like an exciting and ideal project to get involved in so I approached them and in true Maraj tradition they were all on board, guns blazing! Great!

I am completely new to blogging but as I am looking to get more involved with Oxfam, keeping record of it all for myself and others seems like a nice idea; something to reflect on and share! Hopefully this doesn't come across as too self-indulgent; raising money will remain my top priority & I'm hoping you all can help me do that, be it through support or donations!

"The mind is everything; what you think you become"

Let the journey begin....

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Blog Entry No.3....does what it says on the tin.

I'm back with another blog entry and about time too I know, sorry! Before I dive into new territory I do have to say a big thank you to all those who have taken the time to read my ramblings! As sad as it may be I have in fact been checking my Page Views and I've reached a hefty 59 viewings as well as gained a follower, thank you! These numbers may in fact be pretty poor (although I've never felt inclined to check blog stats), but I'm grateful that others who are not genetically bound to support me, do! Apart from the grammatical/structural telling off my Mother gave me (oh, Mothers!), the feedback has been really nice so thank you for all the support!!

....and pressure....


I really have been wracking my brain about what I should write in my third entry. The first two unfolded quite nicely, a bit like the amazing doodle you are left with at the end of a long telephone call; the one you secretly would like to frame or show off but which has no real importance.  I obviously had an idea as I was setting it up, of what it would be about and therefore found no great difficulty in writing the introduction so to speak. But what do I do in between charity events? What do I do now? Please don't get me wrong, I do realise that as I've been typing, the tiniest violin was screeching out the saddest little song...I am in no way dragging myself through this process! I'm just confused with how to approach it all. For instance, how do I start an entry? Should I be writing to my imaginary friend, Kitty? Or is it all a wonderfully secretive affair? Maybe I should be profound and start with a deep and thought provoking quote. To be or not to be? Perhaps I'll follow my Grandad's lead and start with an awful joke that will ultimately always end in someone passing wind in front of those they shouldn't have. Oh dear. Perhaps not.

Putting aside the confused rants for the moment (I can't promise they'll completely disappear), the plans for our next charity event are going magnificently! Honestly, I have never know a family to go to such lengths just because...well, that's it. JUST because. Mainly since there is no sense behind it; you would never wear a ball gown to a picnic or display an ice sculpture at a tea party. That is, you wouldn't if you were normal folk. We however, are proud members of 'Geeks-R-Us' and will create the weirdest and most wonderful situations where there really shouldn't be one. I'm not sure which relative is responsible for such silliness, from our glass tapping, bag scrunching musician of an Uncle, to our loud snorting, hip wriggling dancer of an Aunty, it's hard to say who's made the biggest impact. As much as we all like to think we've avoided the trait that leads to awful jokes and intense chocolate cravings, we may all indeed be new-age Nana's. I have been known to wear the odd holey sock and I definitely have to rein back on the Galaxy bars. This is dangerous.

So a little explanation is in order me thinks! Our next event is this Saturday where we'll be holding the prestigious 'Maraj Awards' at our Grandparents' house, No.83. Familiarise yourself with that number, it is probably the most valuable one you will ever come to know...seriously.  Now remember what I mentioned about lengths? Ok, so now don't judge us when I reveal we'll have a red carpet (crepe paper), a back drop for photographs, glasses of shloer on arrival, not-quite-so-fancy canap├ęs and a family quiz show...all before the Awards ceremony has even started. We have 16 awards to give away on the night and everyone (or at least most of us) has voted. My cousin and I are currently in the process of putting together the nomination slides and editing the videos for our two Academy Award Winners. We are also fortunate enough to have the awards made and sprayed by another cousin who is shaping them into stars. Honetly, the Oscars? The what now? So last year.

Outside we'll have a bubble machine alongside a blow up palm tree with sunglasses, more Plank-of-wood than Hollywood but what could be more exciting and more welcoming than soapy bubbles and inflatable toys? Harrods do it all the time, it's only right! Once you come into the corridor you'll be struck by our red glitzy chandelier, there to blind us with tackiness in case we ever forget for a moment that we're not really in America. I'm pretty sure the crepe paper stuck to our slippers will do the job but you can never be too sure about these things.

Once the awards are over and the Thank You speeches have been made, food will be served and well, we're Indian, that may take some time. After, there's another little surprise that I'm not allowed to unveil just yet but to all those non-relatives, don't assume it's exciting. We are simple beings with simple needs. What would be considered the 'After Party' will most likely be our 'Tea Party' where we watch the video back of that same night. I know it sounds boring but we've been know to over-exhaust our jokes and find them just as hilarious the next time round if not more so. Great for us, awkwardly weird for others.

I apologise if you ever experience that, we most likely won't notice what we're doing. We'll be too busy fighting for attention, scrambling over each other to have that 'funny' input and once we're satisfied we'll notice you again don't worry. We may even comment on how quiet you've been but you're entitled to whack us round the head and walk off whilst sucking your teeth. The latter is recommended in fact, that and a loud cackle of a laugh. Just through them in every now and then and you may even get that pat on the back you lucky thing.

After the Awards weekend we'll start all over again, directing our energy to the next overly ridiculous event and I'll fill you in with all the gory details then too! Ya know reading back through this I've realised I should never doubt whether I can pull out another blog entry. To all those who stuck with this essay, thank you! I'll put in a good word with the fam :)

Until the Awards,

Adieu! x

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